Address: Happy Acres U-Pick, #1-52225, Range Rd 273, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 3R6, Canada

 Highway 16 A (Stony Plain Road) to RR 273- Golden Spike Road (intersection of Zender Ford in Spruce Grove) follow 5.5 Km south watch for Happy Acres sign on Left. 

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SEE our animals and TASTE local treats with us!

Toonie admission to our U-Pick and farm per person – Check into the garden centre when you arrive!

Come and visit our Garden Center and Treat Centre!

We have a GARDEN centre with farm fresh eggs, honey, preserves, home items and a TREAT centre with hot/cold beverages, frozen treats including Foothills hard ice cream by the scoop, affogato’s, floats, and purchase hotdogs, smokies and smores to roast by the fire.

We have a handicap accessible washroom on site.

Payments Accepted: 

We currently accept Mastercard, Visa, Debit and Cash.

See a Variety of Farm Animals

We have a large variety of farm animals including: Chickens, exotic birds, rabbits, miniature horses and donkeys, ducks, geese, lambs, goats, miniature pig, miniature jersey cow and “CRICKET” the talking Cockatoo.

U-Pick Garden

Where WE plant the chemical free garden and YOU visit and harvest the fruits and vegetables for chemical free market prices. For a list of items ready to pick- first come first pick call 780-968-0099 every Wednesday morning. 


Dress for the Weather!

 Dress for the weather!! Bring coats, sweaters, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, proper footwear, mosquito repellant, and rubber gloves if needed.


We are a small U-Pick garden. Reservations needed for groups 20 or over. Please email us at happyacresdebbie@hotmail.com.

Bring Gloves

Bring rubber gloves or gardening gloves.

Bring Your Bags, Containers or Pails

Bring produce/reusable bags, pails and/or containers to pick into.
*We charge $2.00 for pails and a minimal charge for bags.

BEE Prepared!

If you have environmental / sting allergies – BEE prepared! We DO NOT have an EPI pen on site. 

Please Leave Your Pets @ Home

Please leave your pets at home – we have free ranging animals on our farm. We ask you to enjoy our animals while you are here at Happy Acres U-Pick.


All of our items are picked on a first come first pick basis- call our message at 780-968-0099 OR check our FACEBOOK page weekly for an updated list of items available just before you come out.

Keep Hydrated

 Keep hydrated. Our sales center has beverages but it is a good idea to bring water with you for easy access while picking.

Field Trips, Groups & Parties

GROUPS 20 or OVER and/or needing bus turnaround require a RESERVATION – please email happyacresdebbie@hotmail.com

We have limited space, parking and access to farm.


Or Call For Message

 (780) 968-0099

* Check FACEBOOK or call 780-968-0099 weekly for a list of items ready to pick

* All produce and veggies are FIRST COME FIRST PICK


June: Weekends only
10 am - 7 pm 

(generally open with yard and animals only-watch for posts of U-Pick items ready for picking)  WEEKDAYS in JUNE open for field trips and large group bookings via email request. 

July and August:

Wed to Sun 10-7 


Weekends Only 10-7

October: TBA weekends

Media & Booking Inquiries - Email:


We are located 5 km South of Spruce Grove on the Golden Spike Road RR273 (Zender Ford Road)


We currently accept Mastercard, Visa, Debit and Cash